IHHAPP offers new digital behind the ear hearing aids.  These hearing aids can offer control of power and frequency response using trimpot adjustments, set with a screwdriver. No software or cables are needed.  T coil is available on some models. Hearing aids have an analog volume control wheel and multiple program capabilities.  Battery sizes are either #13 or #675.  Specification sheets will guide your decision making.  Five different models with varying levels of power and features are offered. 

Match  2 T70-V = $59.00- Match 70 PDF

Match 3 T70-V = $64.00 – Match 70 PDF

Match 2 T80-V = $67.00V – Match 80 PDF

Match 3 T80-V= $72.00 – Match 80 PDF

Match 3 T90-V = $83.00 – Match 90 PDF

” Click PDF” to view specification sheets

IHHAPP welcomes participation and distribution of other model hearing aids appropriate for low income resource countries