Product description

The Sound World Solutions (SWS) HD75 device has the same functionality as high-end Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids presently on the market at a price that is less than 1/10th.   All Bluetooth hearing aids on the market today do not allow the user to fully customize their device; they can be adjusted but the fitting has to be done by an audiologist. The SWS device is the only one today on the market that allows self-customization.  The HD75 can be customized by the user via an app that takes less than five minutes to run and program the device.  The device can also be customized by the user through Preset selection, volume control, and Environment Mode selection.  The Presets cover 75% of all hearing loss. Like the HD100, the HD 75 will have FDA marketing clearance as a hearing aid.  SWS was the first company, starting in 2010, to bring high-quality, self-customizing hearing devices to market.   The HD 75 will be available in Q3 of 2019.  Planned iterations of the HD 75 include audio streaming and rechargeable batteries.


  • Smartphone programmable with free Customizer App for Android and iPhone
  • Directional microphones for optimum performance in noisy conditions
  • Noise Reduction and Feedback Suppression
  • Voice prompts
  • Environmental profile settings for best sound in different locations
  • Flexible fitting for comfort
  • 312 battery

Hearing Aid Specs

  • Form factor: mini BTE/RIE – Behind-the-Ear/Receiver-in-Ear
  • Max Gain: 56dB
  • Max Output: 120dB SPL

Digital Audio Processing

  • 16 channel compressor
  • Feedback cancellation
  • 16 channel noise reduction
  • Dual microphone directionality when in Restaurant environment mode


  • Volume control
  • Further customization can be done with the free Customizer app

Free Customizer App

  • iPhone 4s or later (iOS 6 or later)
  • Android 4.x or later

Flexible tube length

Can accommodate most ears with single tube

Voice Prompts

  • Environment Mode Name (Everyday, Restaurant, Entertainment)
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Connected
  • Low Battery

Battery life

  • Up to 4 days on 312 Zinc Air battery


  • 8cm wide x 3.5cm high x 1.4cm deep

Support documentation