The International Humanitarian Hearing Aid Purchasing Program has it’s primary goal of creating accessibility to low-cost new hearing aids for humanitarians who support hearing health care across the globe in low resource settings.  IHHAPP has the support of the Coalition for Global Hearing Health organization and a memo of understanding with the Rotarians for Hearing ( RAG, Rotarian Action Group).

The hearing aids offered through the IHHAPP are new, digital behind the ear hearing aids that are non-software-based, adjusted via screw set potentiometers.   Three tiers of hearing aids are available, appropriate for hearing losses ranging from mild to profound.  All hearing aids can include a presentation case and will include cleaning tools and user guides, available in English, Spanish and French. Programming guides are available to support optimized fittings. Given the low cost of each device,  warranties are not able to be offered.  However, for every 50 hearing aids ordered, one additional aid is provided at no cost.

For approved participating providers of  IHHAPP, contact information will be made available for the purchase of discounted hearing aid batteries from an independent supplier, to be used solely with the distribution of IHHAPP purchased hearing aids.

The IHHAPP team looks forward to working with you to enhance access to hearing care worldwide.