International Humanitarian

Hearing Aid Purchasing Program



The hearing aids currently offered are new digital behind the ear models. There are trimpots for adjusting low frequency, high frequency and MPO controls, depending on the model. Sophisticated computer equipment and cables are not necessary – a small screwdriver is all that is needed to make the necessary adjustments. Feedback management and noise reduction are also included features. A T coil is available in two models. The hearing aids have analog volume wheels and a push button for up to three environmental programs . The batteries used are either #13 or #675, depending on the model.

The specification sheets are available for viewing, enabling you to select the hearing aid with the gain, output and features most appropriate for your patients. At this time, there are three different models to choose from. Here are sample aids, full sample sheets on all aids are available once you are an approved buyer.

Sample Aid 1 (click for PDF) - $59

Sample Aid 2 (click for PDF) - $ 67

Sample Aid 3 - High power (click for PDF) - $83